5 Shades of Gray Hair Care


by Susannah Murdock February 18, 2022

Here at Madison Reed, we’re all about hair color…deep chestnuts, vibrant reds, buttery blondes, striking black. We also love a gorgeous gray, and know that some people prefer their naturally graying hair and don’t want to color it. If this is you, and you want to not only embrace your gray, but rock it, we’ve got some tips on how to care for those stunning silver strands.

  1. Protect the Gray
    Like all shades of hair, gray hair can lose shine and even turn a yellowish hue when exposed to too much sun, chlorine and mineral deposits in your water. To prevent this, rinse hair with water before and after swimming, or, better yet, wear a swim cap. Protect hair in the sun with a scarf or hat, and consider adding a filter to your shower head if your water contains a lot of deposits. And even though it’s not technically colored, gray hair could benefit from a sulfate-free Color Protecting Shampoo + Conditioner for hydration and UV protection.
  2. Polish Your Silver
    Gray hair often has a coarser texture than non-gray hair, which means it can look flat. Try using Color Reviving Gloss in Crema, a cool, pale boost of shine for light blondes and natural gray hair that will also help counteract any yellowing in gray hair. When showering, give your hair a final rinse with cool water to close the cuticle and seal in moisture for added radiance.
  3. Give Your Grays a Drink
    Because gray hair is usually coarser and can be dryer than regular hair, you want to condition it consistently to restore smoothness. Use a deep conditioner once a week, or simply leave your usual conditioner on for 10 minutes for an impromptu treat. It’s also a good idea to brush your hair a few times throughout the day to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the ends, which, in turn, will boost radiance. Nourish your gray strands with moisture-rich Pro Boost: Hydrate, which reduces frizz and deep repairs in 5 minutes.
  4. Product is Gray’s Best Friend
    Ever notice how gray hair tends to stick up and out? You can thank the increased thickness for that, which can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you may be trying to style your hair. While you don’t want to use any heavy waxes, oils or serums which can coat the gray and make it look dusty, you can use a lightweight formula such as Tame to smooth strands and eliminate frizz. Use one pump as a finishing touch and you’re done.
  5. Keep it Trim
    We’re not talking length, but however long or short you prefer your hair, make sure to get regular trims to prevent split ends and frizz. We love a cut with clean, streamlined edges on gray hair, but honestly, good hair isn’t as much about the cut and color as it is about confidence.

Salt and pepper to silver fox, wisdom stripe to strands of glitter…however you refer to your grays, the silver lining is the same: gray hair is thicker, stronger, some even say wiser, and downright gorgeous with the proper care for gray hair.

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